Hudson River Community Association

To all of my HRCA friends and colleagues,
I just wanted to drop everyone a line to express my sincerest gratitude for all of the kindness that you showed my family and I on Friday. Words cannot express how special HRCA and its people are to me .To be recognized by you is the highest honor I could ever have hoped for. There is no greater reason for a police departments existence then to work toward goals such as ours. Yours is a group that I began to work with, and along side of in February of 2012. A group that I quickly came to respect, followed by tremendous admiration and then love (both for who you are and what you represent). Fast forward to today, less than one year and a half and you have got me to the point where I cannot ever imagine not working alongside of you.

HRCA and its people represent the very best that human beings have to offer: a sincere desire to make life livable, safe and orderly. It is ultimately the finest of goals for a community and I am confident your efforts, commitment and tireless work ethic is and will continue to breed success of all kinds in each and every corner of our neighborhood.

It has truly been a blessing that I was lucky enough to land in the 4th precinct and have been able to work alongside of all of you. It is truly the most rewarding thing about my position. Thank you for helping make me feel that my (and my officers) job is worthwhile and we are making a difference. Your constant encouragement and energy fuels all of us to want to be better and better. Its really the greatest gift that the community can give its police department. Thank you and here's to an even better 2013!
My best always,

Captain John J. Mueller
Commanding Officer, 4th Precinct
Yonkers Police Department
Cell- (914) 494-4046
Work- (914) 377-7400